Guide on How to Clean an Essential Oil Diffuser

clean-an-essential-oil-diffuserEssential oil diffusers are exceptional tools used by thousands of consumers every day. They work by dispersing essential oils as a fine-vapor throughout the air inside a room – allowing the human body to absorb the healthy benefits slowly into the respiratory system. However, just like any other aromatic device, from time to time they will become dirty and lose efficiency – which often leads to many diffuser owners asking; how do I diffuse essential oils and keep the system clean?

Don’t worry, the solution is rather simple. Here is an easy to follow guide that will walk you step-by-step into the process involved on how to clean an essential oil diffuser.

Step #1 – Removing The Water & Oils

The first thing you need to do is completely empty the essential oil diffuser of any water or oils contained inside the unit. After this has been completed, you’ll need to remove the excess residue from the unit. Here is how you do it:

  • Take your unit to your kitchen or bathroom sink and simply dump any excess water oil out of the diffuser. Be careful to watch where the water goes to avoid getting water in any of the electrical components.
  • Use a paper towel  or a cloth towel to wipe down the lid and water tank of the unit to ensure you have removed as much water and oil residue as you can with a basic wipe down.

Step #2 – Cleaning The Water Chamber

The next item that will need to be cleaned is the water chamber that is attached to the base of your diffuser. If you have used an aromatherapy diffuser, you are familiar that the water chamber or water reservoir is the transit center that allows the oils to diffuse efficiently into the air you breathe. Here is how you properly clean your electric essential oil diffuser to avoid water getting into electrical components:

  • Get a cotton swab with either rubbing alcohol or vinegar on it. Some say rubbing alcohol is better to use than vinegar due to the fact that it removes sticky oils from every nook and cranny of your diffuser without leaving any aroma or residual on your system.
  • Once you have wiped down the inside of the water chamber and the lid, you can use a soft towel to wipe down the unit or simply let the unit air-dry.

Step #3 – Gently Clean The Unit With Soap and Water

To ensure the unit is 100% clean of any residue or odor from the vinegar or rubbing alcohol or use some soapy, hot water on a small towel.

  • Wash your essential oils diffusers water chamber and lids with a towel that has just a little bit of dishwashing soap and hot water.
  • Rinse towel with clean, hot water and wipe down diffuser to remove soap residue.
  • Place your essential oil diffuser on a towel to air dry for about an hour or until completely dry
  • You’re ready to turn your essential oil diffuser on and start diffusing again!

That’s it. It really is that simple to clean your essential oil diffuser. Using essential oils in a diffuser that is clean will ensure you get the maximum benefits from these essential oils. It’s recommended to clean your diffusing unit at least once per week – but don’t be afraid to clean it more frequently to ensure you receive the best results.

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